Monday, March 9, 2015

Two Men Charged With the Murder of Boris Nemstov

Five men were arrested today for involvement in the murder of Boris Nemstov. Two of these men were officially charged with murder after admitting to being part of the shooting that occurred on the 27th of February. A sixth man who the police attempted to bring in died in a standoff after accidentally blowing himself up with a grenade aimed at officers. The suspects who are from Chechnya  are also devote muslims who were angered by the releases of the caricatures of the prophet Mohamed published by Charlie Hebdo. Police are currently looking for anything that may tie this to the case as Nemstov had gone on record stating that he supported the illustrations; however Russian investigators are treating this as a contract killing case. Putin released a statement saying that he condemned the act committed as shameful.

How does this new information change your current opinion on the situation? What groups could have paid for the job, or was it religiously motivated?
Do you think that this has anything to do with the corruption of the Russian government (not that ours in corruption free of course) or was this done as a one off job by someone that supported the current system?
Someone please comment something, its getting lonely T.T . I'll leave any easy one here, What is your favorite color?

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