Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Netanyahu Bashes the Plan for Iranian Nuclear Development.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech to congress, bashing the nuclear deal with Iran currently being brokered by the US. Netanyahu argued the threat of a nuclear armed Iran, that he sees as all but assured, as the plan puts in place sanitations, but does not directly impede the development of a nuclear weapon. Not long after the speech was given President Obama issued a rebuttal claiming that what the prime minister had said was "nothing new" and critiqued Netanyahu for not proposing any alternatives to the plan. This public showdown amounted to little more than a school ground fight as the tension between US and Israel grow.

How do you believe that this speech will affect the relations between the US and Israel, and how will it affect negotiations being held by John Kerry?
What could have Netanyahu proposed as an alternative to the current plan?
What is your personal stance on the Israel-Iran situation?

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