Thursday, March 5, 2015

Last Ebola Patient Released From Hospital in Liberia

The last patient of the ebola in Liberia virus was released today after undergoing an incubation period twice the norm. While this is great news in the fight against the epidemic that appeared a year ago, Guinea and Sierra Leone are still reporting cases of the viruses, with 132 in the first week of march. Testing for a new experimental Ebola vaccine will begin on March 7th, and if all goes according to plan the world will have an effective tool for combating future outbreaks if they flare up. As the situation on the vaccine progresses we may be able to finally put to rest the Ebola epidemic.

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Why has the media hype that surrounded ebola died down to such a degree despite there still being about 100 cases reported each day?
Do you think that the viruses still posses a threat to the safety of the US/World, or if it ever was a real threat t begin with?

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Emma Wynn said...

If this vaccine works, it will be good news for many. I think that the media hype has died down because Ebola stopped being a concern for Americans. As much as we want to care about a deadly epidemic in another country, Americans usually end up forgetting about it in a few weeks. The media made it a bigger deal than it was here, causing an uproar and a surplus of "Ebola jokes." In addition, I think that Ebola is a big issue, but there are other viruses and issues that have a biggest impact. For example, AIDs still kills so much people daily. I think It is great that doctors have found a possible vaccine to Ebola so that we can fix the problem and move on to another issue.