Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thousands attend the Funeral of Russian Politician Nemstov

Last week after leaving the Kremlin, a key figure in the opposition against Putin was gunned down. Believing that his notoriety would protect him, Nemstov was the most well known opposer to Putin to be killed in the last decade. Many questions about who and why he was killed as the culprit has not been apprehended at this time, with the only footage existing of the crime being from several hundred feet away, making it impossible to identify the shooter. Strangely enough all of the cameras that surround the Kremlin failed to pick up any evidence of the crime committed, and those in control of Russia are saying that the goal of the killing was to whip up opposition to Putin. Yesterday the funeral was held and thousands attended as the progression looped it way around Moscow.

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Where does this leave those who oppose the Kremlin at this point?
What do you think was the real motive of this killing was?
Was this another play by Putin and the Kremlin to reassert their power and squashing attempts at resistance?
How do you feel about Russia's current state politically or economically?

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