Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nuclear Talks Making Headway

Both the US and Iran have been firmly locked in this debate for many years now, as the UN attempts to enforce its sanctions onto the unwilling Iranian government. With constant criticism on both sides, with Israel constantly opposing any nuclear development, and Iran ignoring what the UN wants and continuing the development of their nuclear program. However talks between the US and Iran have been progressing relatively smoothly as we approach the deadline for an agreement to be made. At this point in time Iran is willing to give up certain areas of advancement in their nuclear program for the next 10 years so long as they can make a definitive agreement. While some seem to be divided on the issue of a temporary freeze talks still continue as both sides try to come to an agreement. 

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How do you believe that the talks will progress as we get closer and closer to the deadline?
How will Israel respond to a decision that gives Iran the green light on it nuclear program?
Will we see another showdown like we did between Obama and Netanyahu on Tuesday?
What are your personal opinion on the situation in Iran?
Why can't we just figure out how to make this solar energy efficient enough to replace nuclear, I mean Iran has tons of room for solar panels.

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