Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama tells Iran of 'historic' opportunity

Iran's Zarif (left) talks to Ali Akbar Salehi of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, in Lausanne

Obama has recently said in a video that there may be an opportunity to change relations between the US and Iran. Currently world powers and negotiating with Iran to lower its nuclear activity and even though negotiations have had “gaps”, Obama is still hopeful that a better relationship with Iran can be formed.

However, even though Obama feels this way, he still has to convince a Republican dominated congress that this is a good idea. BBC reports, “47 Republican senators warned Iran's leaders that any deal on Tehran's nuclear programme could be revoked once Mr Obama leaves office.” The outlook does not seem good as not everyone is on board with any deals.

Right now the point of debate is how fast or slow sanctions will be lifted and how much of Iran’s nuclear facilities will be allowed to be inspected. Do you think that any progress will be made between Iran and the US? And if so is it even possible for Obama to convince congress to approve of such a relation?

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Anonymous said...

Well, given the recent speech that many in congress watched of Netanyahu, and the -- what some may call treasonous -- Iran letter that Tom Cotton sent, I don't really think that Obama can count on a cooperative Congress on this, so while I'm not saying he won't be able to convince them, it will surely be very, very difficult. So, I am pretty skeptical about that much progress being made with congressional involvement.