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Monday, May 12, 2014

Clay Aiken’s Congressional Race Opponent Dies

Photo Source: The Washington Post

Keith Crisco died today after an “accidental fall” in his North Carolina home. Former “American Idol” contestant, Clay Aiken, is running for NC’s 2nd district. Clay Aiken was barely leading in the primaries, having less than 400 more votes than Crisco earlier this week. However, whatever the outcome of the primaries, there is still a very small chance Aiken would ever make it to Washington in the 2nd district.

Incumbent, (remember all those advantages they hold? Like “the franking privilege” and more importantly name recognition and resources etc.) Rep. Renee Ellmers (R), has a relatively guaranteed reelection.

This video is an interesting look at the approach Aiken is taking both in trying to appeal to voters (candidate driven elections, remember?) and how he is trying to change his image so he will be viewed more seriously than his “Idol” persona. Based on the video, to what kind of constituents is Aiken appealing? Do you think this video is effective?

We know that it is easier to be elected to the H.O.R. than the Senate, but what do you think? Is there any chance Aiken could win the district—does he have enough credibility? Will his star power win the election for him?

Feel free to respond to this post or review and discuss any part of elections/Congressional topics below. If you’re on the blog tonight it means you are taking a break from studying … to read more about government and politics. Kudos to you! Or, if you’re reading/commenting after the test, congratulations—you made it through the Gov. Exam!

Happy studying and best of luck on the exam tomorrow!