Monday, March 23, 2015

Obama turns up the heat on Loretta Lynch confirmation 'limbo'

Obama has nominated Loretta Lynch to serve as attorney general. But it has been 4 months and the senate has yet to have a vote for Lynch to become the attorney general. Obama says to the Huffington Post “Nobody denies that she's well-qualified, we need to go ahead and get her done”.

The reason why a vote has not been passed through is because Mitch McConnell , the senate majority leader, is waiting for a human trafficking bill to be voted on. Only then will McConnell call for a vote for Lynch’s assignment to be attorney general. Republican Senator James Risch says told CNN that there will be a vote as soon as Democrats stop filibustering over the human trafficking bill they will vote on Lynch being the attorney general.
Obama has called out the Republican dominated congress, saying they are playing politics and holding Lynch in essence “hostage”. He also mentions that the congress has said it will be able to run smoothly and effectively, and says this is a simple opportunity to show that. Do you think that more instances such as this will arise while Obama is still president and having a republican dominated congress? Are there any solutions or compromises that can be made here? Is one side really to blame or is it the fault of both the democratic and republican side of congress?

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Emma Wynn said...

Of course situations similar to this one will arise, Obama is dealing with a Republican Congress that wishes to go against his every move. I think the best solution is to strike a balance. With situations such as this, both parties need to come up with a compromise, as it should work out as a give and take. The Democrats should stop fillibustering and Congress should approve the nomination. All the partisanship only makes for a less efficient and more ineffective government.