Thursday, March 5, 2015

Somewhat Old, but Still Cool Science News: Solar Cells Made From Trees

In this old article that I found from March 2013 (funny exactly two years ago) scientist were able to synthesize a solar cell from cellulose nanocrystal substrates that are able to dissolve in water. Crazy stuff, we now have one hundred percent recyclable solar cells made from a carbon neutral method, that doesn't contribute to the release of CO2. Hurray! Now unfortunately at the time of this articles release efficiency was around 2.7% significantly less than that of coal, 33-40%, and even to that of other solar cells, around 20 for the high end ones and 14 for the low end. Still the thought that we can turn plant based molecules into batteries to power the world is beyond cool. Unfortunately I was unable to find much recent development in this story, but it just reminds us that were living in the future, despite the distinct lack of hover boards.

What does the future of energy hold in store for us?
What is your opinion on the governments lack of funding for alternative energy sources as they continue to subsidize fossil fuels despite it making massive amounts of profit on its own, as well as being on a path to its own self destruction.
Do you have any other cool science news articles that made you realize the wonder of living in 2015?

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Kelsey O'Donnell said...

I think that the future of energy for the world has the possibility of being very exciting. Now all we need is effort and, of course, money. The government is so obsessed with oil and natural gas because it is a now solution. It has long been seen in all issues that the government deals with that they are more concerned with short-term solutions because that's what gets them re-elected. And that's the goal, right? Actually changing the world for the better? What a ridiculous thought. The earth is rich in energy solutions and all we need to do is tap into those resources, but the only way we will do that is with full incentive and full funding. It may take until we have a true energy crisis and these alternatives become the only solution, but hopefully it won't come to that.