Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Happened to the Santa Ana Winds?

Weather forecast for the week of 9/28.
Courtesy of Google Weather.
It's going to get hairy soon in SoCal, El Nino style.

The warming of water in both the Northern and Southern Pacific Ocean has coincided this year, for various reasons I won't get into because this is a politics blog and not a science blog (but here's the article, if your're interested).  Suffice to say, because both regions are warmer than usual, no one can predict whether Southern California is going to get "clobbered" by intense storm and flash flooding this year or remain perfectly fine.

What, if any, actions should the state/federal government be prepared to take?

P.S. Thinking twice about those college visits? Things aren't much better in Northern California. Monica Mai wrote a fine post about the recent wildfires and their implications: definitely a suggestion that the drought is taking its toll. Usually, California wildfires are the products of weather patterns like the Santa Ana Winds :) so wildfires generally start in Southern California, as do floods. If the warm water mass forming in the South does decide to move up, LA could experience another flash flood.

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