Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Illegal Rights

I understand giving people a better opportunity in life, helping wounded veterans walk, helping autistic people learn, its rewarding. I also understand why giving people an opportunity that they would not get in their country could be good too. Yet I still believe that Obama may be crossing the line.

I am a first generation American, my parents came here to escape the communist takeover in Poland, and to look for better opportunities. Yet the difference between my parents and the families of these immigrants coming in is that my parents were never illegal, and the other people who did come in illegally did whatever they could to become legal citizens as fast as possible; being a citizen was respectful, proper and it gave them pride to be considered not only Polish, European, or wherever they came from-- but American as well. and yet the immersion was made difficult for them. Now many illegal families do not care to even try to become US citizens, they take advantage of their ability to get California licenses, federal aid to go to schools, and other such things.

Giving people opportunities is a beautiful thing. However can we just agree that an immigrant does not have to, and possibly should not, be treated as equally as in need as an orphan girl, or a girl with only one leg. When a bunch of immigrants were let into europe from Syria and other neighboring countries the European economy almost collapsed under the pressure, would we be safe from that sort of thing? Are there ways to help those who need it and help create opportunities for those from less privileged countries without making them into their own sort of privileged or special needs students? Would it not be fair to limit the aid to those who are showing effort to gain citizenship into America instead of handing it out to everyone despite where they decide to place their loyalty?

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