Tuesday, January 6, 2015

North Korea has a 6,000 member Cyber Army in storage

The United States has punished North Korea with additional sanctions in response to the Sony hack. These sanctions aim to go after the North Korean government officials, and the Intelligence and cyber operations. These are suspected of being behind the Cyber attacks but now South Korea reveals the 6,ooo member Cyber Army.

The number alone is overwhelming but added to the threat is North Korea's possible mainland nuclear strike on the United States. The power of North Korea's grip on cyber specialties has been experienced and if the Nuclear Research is anywhere near the same, should we truly find discouragement and develop fear? North Korea's nuclear tests since 2006 have fallen short of capability and have been expected to remain the same.

Despite being in a stasis of reserve, the North Korean Cyber Army enacts detrimental delays to South Korea in its development. The nuclear age of warfare is now capable of fully transitioning into an age of cyber annihilation with North Korea being the most equipped to stand on top. In 2013, the force used against South Korea had been 3,000; therefore, in one year alone the collective power doubled. North Korea denies the Sony hack but mysteriously warns of greater threats in the mist ahead.


If North Korea continues to carry out attacks in the United States through the cyber world, will the next potential target be another warning or will it be aimed at substantial damage?

Is North Korea's nuclear development and cyber superiority capable of causing enough damage to cause North Korea to be added to the list of terrorism?

Further sanctions are only failing to quell the problem, the economic squeeze placed on North Korea long ago has not been able to render it dead in its tracks in acts of cyber vandalism, with this in mind, what new course of plan can be carried out to deal with the pimple to progress?

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