Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bad World, Good Politics

The G.O.P. are now praying for a world spinning out of control in an effort to retain power for the upcoming elections in 2016. In times when the government has been entrusted with great national responsibility in international security affairs, the G.O.P. has been the most likely to be in power.

Some examples that support a world growing chaotic are: the Charlie Hebdo shootingKansas City Gun Shop, and the Fort Bliss shooting. As these issues stack, so will the opportunities for the G.O.P. to earn a continuous status of reign with their advantage in national security. Their dream plan can also end up in the opposite direction. Democrats built up an image of protection with presidents such as Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt, their image can end up a lot bigger if they end up answering the people's call that arises from G.O.P.'s failure to export stability overseas.

The G.O.P. now has to overcome it's internal struggle within the congressional houses, a developing cyber war and nuclear threats from North Korea, and rising hostility from Russia.


Is there a new cold war lurking in the future?

How likely do you think the G.O.P. is to be able to secure a win in 2016?

What campaign tactics will the Democratic Party use to counteract the G.O.P.'s advantage in National Security?

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Murray Sandmeyer said...

I don't think that current events are indicative of a shift towards the GOP. I think that the reason that Republicans saw huge victories last November is more due to the fact that Democratic leadership was getting stale in this age of short attention spans. The Onion, in fact, published an apt satiric response to the shortsightedness of that attitude through an article entitled "Voters Excited To Use Midterms To Put Country Back On Different Wrong Track." However, I anticipate that if Hillary runs in 2016, it would be difficult for a fresh-faced republican to counteract her name recognition, experience, and history as a moderate. It's a hard call, but if the 2012 elections are any indicator, new republican candidates would likely be torn apart through cutthroat media coverage as would any new democrat candidate. (And honestly, I don't think the American public would consider electing another Bush (Jeb) or a mormon like Romney).