Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Is Warren Running for President? Who Knows at This Point

Elizabeth Warren has given conflicting signs on whether she will be contending as a Democratic candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. The Massachusetts Senator and former Harvard professor is seen by political pundits as an ideal choice for the next Democrat to run for the seat in the Oval Office, but so far, there isn't quite enough evidence to prove she desires to go for it at all.

Washington Post's The Fix, among other political blogs, has been covering Warren's supposed consideration for Democratic nominee since rumors began to spread among the politically savvy that the "liberal favorite" was thinking about joining the race as early as 2011. Whether conservative or as liberal as many people claim Warren to be, political bloggers all over the spectrum are going nuts over the Senator's "candidacy."

Of course, Warren is no stranger to being compared or pitted against her supposed rival in the race, Hillary Clinton. The two are strong contenders for the 2016 Presidential race, and while Clinton hasn't 100% confirmed her running, the former Secretary of State has much more of a chance of running than her Massachusetts counterpart.

As a matter of fact, Elizabeth Warren continues to deny running for President, and adamantly at that. Several times over, interview after interview, Warren refutes the possibility of even considering joining the race; like other possible candidates such as former Republican candidate Mitt Romney, skeptics in the blogging world can't quite believe that she's telling the truth, however.


Why do you think Warren is denying running for Democratic nominee?

What is your opinion of the media's pitting Warren and Clinton against each other?

Is the media particularly obsessed with Warren's possible candidacy, or do you think other supposed candidates are being treated the same way?

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