Wednesday, January 7, 2015

John Boehner dodges the Boot, G.O.P. on the road towards dissidence.

G.O.P.'s elating Tuesday took a turn for the worst when Boehner's reelection as speaker suffered a loss of majority vote. Another organized attempt to kick him off his seat nearly created a downfall for John Boehner but the opposition failed to keep unity and high numbers.

Boehner won his reelection as Speaker of the House will this less than a majority vote. Wins like these are rare for Speakers of the House and it has only happened on four occasions since 1917. Daniel Webster's sudden addition near the end provided a huge blow to Boehner's leadership. Ultimately, Boehner continues to possess the gavel and within the same day he penalized webster for his actions. Daniel Webster no longer holds a position in the Rules Committee effectively losing a great deal of power.

This quarrel has made evident that the G.O.P. is divided to an extant and since they control the majority in both house, the senate is in a state of division. Legislature will be traveling on tough terrain as long as the division persists. With Fiscal conservatives and Tea Party augmentations lurking in the back, the G.O.P. is headed for public dissatisfaction. With the people's habit of blaming the majority party, the G.O.P. is destined to face another streak of election losses.


What tactics will the G.O.P. issue to prevent public opinion from reducing their reign?

FreedomWorks’ Matt Kibbe said, "We knew going into this fight that it would be a David versus Goliath effort...," What reasons do they have for fighting a battle they can't win?

What justifies the opposition to eliminate Boehner?

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