Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 SOTU Address

     Last night, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union Address. In his address, Obama laid out his to-do list for 2015. This list included making the first two years of community college free, a minimum wage increase, reduction of student loan payments, an infrastructure plan, etc. 
     While many Democrats seemed to appreciate and applaud Obama's speech, Republicans were not as excited. Many leading Republicans shot back at Obama, claiming that he did not address middle class issues. House Speaker John Boehner declared that Obama's "regulatory onslaught squeezes the very middle-class families he claims to be trying to help." While freshman Republican Joni Ernst claims that "The new Republican Congress also understands how difficult these past six years have been." Others voiced their concerns over the fact that President Obama did not address the middle class enough in last night's speech.

My Question to you: In his address, President Obama proposed ideas that have the possibility of helping the middle class (i.e minimum wage increase) but Republicans still claim that he is hurting them. Do you agree with the Republicans on this issue or the Democrats? Why? 

PS: Watch this video of John Boehner's best faces during the SOTU Address

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Andros Petrakis said...

I completely disagree with the republicans on this one. A lot of what Obama proposed was exactly to aid middle class families. His child care would greatly impact this group, as now a day’s child care is extremely expensive, and two working parents need help every way they can get. Also, some Republicans say that making community college free would become a government handout. This couldn’t be more false, as students need to keep their grades up and graduate on time. This would incentivize hard work, which would in turn pay off in the form of a degree. Obama also commented on the need for an equal pay act for women’s rights, which not only helps the middle class, but every woman who has been discriminated against because of her sex.