Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lindsey Graham warns of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil

South Carolina senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham warned of "another 9/11" during an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of The Union" on Monday. During the interview he stated that the United States must get boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq and play a very large role in the war against ISIS. If we don't get involved, Graham asserted, we can expect a similar attack to the horrific bombings and shootings in Paris, France here in the United States. The senator called for 10,000 American troops on the ground in Iraq as part of a regional military force.

Do you guys think Graham's warnings should be taken seriously? Do you think that, with the recent arrival of refugees on American soil, there could be the potential for an attack on the scale of what happened this past Friday? Would it be a good idea for the U.S. to play a large role in the war against ISIS?



Ryan Swan said...

I believe any warning regarding potential terrorist attacks should be taken with serious intentions. With the recent coming of Syrian refugees on American soil, we must take extra precautions to ensure American citizens' safety. In addition, I believe that Lindsey Graham's warning will be taken into consideration due to the past 9/11 terrorist attacks. Those attacks alone would cause extreme action's involving US security. Although I'm on the fence with the senator's calling of our own troops to be deployed to Iraq. There should be more aspects to be considered before actually positioning troops. Some aspects include the actual necessity of boots in Syria, the influence it will have on our fight against terrorism, and if it would be worth the lives of our own soldiers. We must keep in mind that American lives are at stake here. This is the first priority of our government, and our government may disregard other factors in order to uphold this priority. Of course, this is a very touchy situation. The middle ground between protecting American citizens and foreign nations has always been a tricky position for the US. I'm sure there is a better solution to the issue but I am no strategical genius so my opinion may be incorrect.

Daniel Jun said...

There is ALWAYS a chance of another 911 happening. And, unfortunately, it is impossible to create completely foolproof defense against such a terrible act of terrorism. But I do not believe sending troops to Syria and Iraq are a good idea. Instead, congress, the white house, or whoever should be much more preoccupied with the integrity of America. A show of force in a hostile environment may not be the smartest idea anyone has ever had. This could even inadvertently provoke a terrorist attack.

There is a "right answer" here, but we will only know if we made the right choice in about 30 years, when the true repercussions of our actions are fully analyzed with the neutrality known as time. Bringing in refugees in this time is a major concern for citizens of the United States, but military action should be viewed similarly.