Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Scoop on South Carolina

February 20, 2016 marked the South Carolinian caucus for this election season. And, with results in, it is clear that Donald Trump is the winner.

By a 33% victory, Trump took South Carolina. The battle for second place raged on between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. As of now, it appears that Rubio has won by a .2% margin, coming in at 22.5% against Cruz's 22.3% (Fox).

Bush halted his campaign after a crushing defeat in a distant fourth place with 8%. Now, according to Rubio, this is a "three candidate race," of which he is sure he will secure the nomination. He welcomed Governor Nikki Haley, an Indian-American, and Sen. Tim Scott, an African-American, on stage with him as he pledged to run as the face of a new generation of Republicans. The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio underscored his policies with an emphasis on "generational change" (New York Times).

South Carolina is a winner-take-all system, which means Trump has gained 29 delegates from winning South Carolina. Further, per congressional district won, he gains three additional delegates. This means Trump has, in total, gained 44 delegates (so far). Currently, this is more than all of his competitors' delegates combined (Washington Post).

1. Keeping in mind the statistics regarding Trump's delegates, as of now, do you believe the South Carolinian win will almost assuredly predict Trump securing the GOP nomination?
2. How do you believe Trump would fair against Clinton? Sanders?
3. Is Rubio's platform regarding generational change viable? In other words, will the face of Republicanism as we see it today embrace his vision?


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