Friday, February 19, 2016

The Democratic Race in Nevada

The Democratic caucus in Nevada is tomorrow, February 20th. However, the question of who will win the caucus still remains in contention as the two Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are effectively tied in the eyes of likely caucus goers according to a recent CNN/ORC poll.

Some important issues for voters in Nevada include gun control laws, the economy, immigration and race relations. In terms of gun control laws, Sanders seems to have the upper hand as some see Clinton's gun control policies as too liberal. Clinton has hammered down on Sanders as having gun control policies that are too moderate; however, this criticism may have hurt Clinton in Nevada's rural Democratic areas. Clinton, however, seems to be slightly ahead in the arenas of "foreign policy, race relations, immigration, and healthcare" (CNN Poll). The economy seems to be a split territory between the two candidates. Clinton has polled 1% higher than Sanders in terms of the economy. However, among those who see the economy as their number one priority, voters seem to have polled in favor of Sanders.

For a little bit of the more well-known advantages, Sanders is polling ahead of Clinton with voters under the age of 55. Clinton, on the other hand, is in favorable terms with the Las Vegas area because of her support from union members.

One element that has added to the uncertainty of Nevada's fate is the skeptical participation of eligible voters. Sanders, once again, is relying on new voters while Clinton seems to appeal to voters who are more likely show up at the caucus tomorrow.

So, who do you think will win the Nevada caucus? Will one candidate win by a long shot or will this be another close race like Iowa? Keeping in mind that there are still over 40 primaries to go, which candidate needs Nevada the most? Does Sanders need to prove that he can fare well in different parts of the country? Or does Clinton need to stockpile on early wins to blow Sanders out of the water?

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Louis Villa said...

Its interesting that Sanders gun policy is helping him in Nevada due to the more rural population but doesnt appear to be helping him very much in South Carolina which is a conservative state. There is very strong Clinton support in South Carolina