Saturday, January 9, 2016

Trump calls out Cruz over 'birther' issues.

As the Iowa primaries continues, Cruz leads the GOP polls with Trump in a close second. Trump is calling out Cruz on the fact that he was born in Canada and holds dual citizenship with Canada so he is ineligible to run for office. His claims has swayed some voters as people have reported that they did not know Cruz was born in Canada and definitely make them question whether they will vote for him in the primaries. Trump has also called him on other issues like acting hypocritical about ethanol subsides with first opposing them historically shooting down bills that would allow for corn subsides for farmers that would increase ethanol production. However, now Cruz has advertised that he is all for subsides and Trump is calling this out to make people question his reliability and eligibility to be president.

1. Do you think that Trump's claims against Cruz will help him in Iowa and other close states.
2. Do you think that Trump's criticism of the other candidates is the main reason why he is so ahead in the polls? What other factors do you think caused his surge in the polls?

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Meghan Hilbert said...

I believe that Trump is successful for one reason: his honesty. Many politicians come with deception and saying what they think people want to hear, but not actually following through. To be honest, Trump is one of the few "politicians" who appears to say exactly what's on his mind, and would most likely follow through with his actions. This link also brings up a great point that many people like that Trump is a business man, so he has a large understanding of economics. Especially having a recent economic recession, it is likely that people want him to win for that expertise. I also believe Trump is doing so well because he is attracting to a large part of the population, white Republicans. Yes, Trump has shot down women, Democrats and people of color to truly like him for his very insulting propositions and language, but white Republicans are very traditional and a huge part of America. In conclusion, I don't think Trump's criticism of other politicians help him greatly, but because of his very honest words...