Friday, February 13, 2015

Ukraine ceasefire deal reached after marathon Minsk talks

Just recently, a ceasefire agreement has been reached regarding the fighting in Ukraine which has claimed many lives, including civilian casualties. The ceasefire is set to take place on February 15, and the deal is that both sides will withdraw heavy weapons, and Russia must end its support of the separtists and remove its military from Eastern Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated, "I call on both sides to end the bloodshed as soon as possible" and come to a real political solution to the conflict." The United States sent out a message showing their support of the ceasefire agreement, stating that it could lead to peace in the area and restore Ukraine's sovereingty. There is, however, uncertainty about how long this ceasefire will last for and if the countries in agreement will maintain their promises.

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Will this ceasefire last and will the standards of the agreement be met?

Is this truly a stepping stone towards the end of conflict? Or is it just a temporary act?

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