Monday, February 23, 2015

It just wouldn't be the Obama presidency without another good gun scare

The ATF has recently decided to classify M855 ammunition as 'armor piercing', and therefore illegal.  Considering that no major actions have been taken to satisfy Obama's anti-gun (or pro gun-control) supporters, involvement with this decision is not out of the question. However, there isn't any proof of Obama being personally involved (that I know of); this is happening under his administration.

This policy decision is based on a technicality regarding a popular civilian rifle, the AR-15. However, not only is this cartridge suitable for use in many other civilian rifles which don't have 'pistol' configurations, M855 isn't even actually armor piercing. 

This has also come with economic consequences: consumers have been buying M855 en masse, resulting in severe supply shortages. M855 is popular anyway, so this new decision will leave a pretty large hole in the ammunition market. After the market had seemed to really recover from the high prices and low supply resulting from the Sandy Hook Scare, this policy continues to make it more difficult for firearm enthusiasts to enjoy their firearms, as there cannot be recreational use without ample ammunition.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with the policy on an ideological level, or maybe disagree with the logic behind the decision? When a government is unable to pass legislation (in this case legislation federally banning or restricting the AR-15), do you think government officials should be able to mess with the free market to try to get their way instead?

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