Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Russia to Build 2 Nuclear Plants in Iran, and Possibly 6 More

Russia and Iran came to an agreement on Tuesday, expanding their nuclear cooperation by allowing Russia to build two new nuclear reactors in Iran. This is all part of Russia’s plan to insure that Iran does not build nuclear weapons. The nuclear power plants will operate under international monitoring. Iran will also have to buy Russian rector fuel, thus depriving Iran of developing the ability to enrich uranium in Iran. This approach has gained the support of many, including the International Atomic Energy Agency.
            Countries like the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia disapprove of the program because material given by Russia can be used to create nuclear weapons. Though the strong distrust of Russia is what may be causing these nations to disapprove of the program. 

Do you think this is a good plan?
Should the US trust Russia and try to build back some good relations?



Murray Sandmeyer said...

The criticism from the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia is foolish. These power plants are being created in order to supply electricity to Russian civilians. There is nothing wrong with that. Nuclear energy is extremely lucrative and efficient, and the U.S. uses it all the time, so why shouldn't Iranian civilians be able to benefit from this process? It is selfish to benefit from something and then tell others that they can't do the same thing because it "can be used to create nuclear weapons."

Emma Wynn said...

I see how Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States could be hesitant about this program. We don't have the best trust in countries like Russia and Iran. However, I think the plan could work if monitored properly. Like Murray stated, the United States uses nuclear energy so other countries should use it too. The United States is being very hypocritical in this situation. Although Russia isn't our favorite country, I think the US needs to just deal with other countries getting what they want. Ultimately, everything will turn out fine.