Sunday, May 22, 2016

What will be Bernie Sander's legacy of the past year?

As the primary election cycles comes ever closer is clear: Bernie Sanders has not been able to close the gap between him and Clinton. And at this rate, it seems that Bernie may not receive the delegates he needs to be the primary candidate. however, Bernie is determined to stay in the race. as sanders explains, he does not want America "voting for the lesser of two evils." With this in mind, it seems that Bernie is fighting to the end, and trying to garner as many votes as he can, regardless of the projections. 
As Bernie looks to stay in the race, people are looking to Bernie's future impact on the political climate. He has served as a sort of "wake up call" to Americans, inciting pent up frustration towards the establishment. Furthermore, he has drawn an amazing amount of support in the past year, allowing him to gain a real position of influence on American opinion. Bernie Sanders' supporters have been seen as somewhat of a resilient if not stubborn group, with some going by the motto: "Bernie or Bust," and as the NYT points out, 

However the election breaks in November, the Sanders coalition — largely young, liberal and white — will not likely be satisfied. Either Clinton will win, and it will simply feel like a lesser of two evils, a subsuming of a righteous cause into a waffling contrivance; or Clinton will lose, and the Sanders coalition will feel vindicated that the wrong Democratic candidate won the nomination.

-How do you think the Sanders campaign has affected the American political atmosphere, and how long will it last for?
-Will we see the rise of more candidates like Bernie, or is this a one- and- done phenomenon? 
-What IS Bernie's legacy? How has it affected how you think of the American system? 


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