Monday, May 23, 2016

Baltimore cop Edward Nero found not guilty

About a year ago, a young African American male, Freddie Gray, was killed when in Baltimore, Maryland after he was involved with the police. He was accused of carrying an illegal switch blade, and while initially unclear, Gray was taken to a trauma center where he died. Six officers were suspended without pay, including Officer Nero.
Today, Officer Nero was acquitted of all charges against him: assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in office. According to CNN, the officer sat in a packed courtroom as the judge read that there was not enough evidence to support any accusations against him. Nero is the first of six total officers that were suspended and charged. Now, his colleagues will face the same ordeal he has faced. Despite his innocence, protesters yelled at Nero's brother as he left the courtroom, and were outside the court as well today.
Source: WBALTV

- Since double jeopardy is unconstitutional, should we assume his innocence and move on? This doesn't only apply to this case but others as well.
- Do you believe that the acquittal of law enforcement officers such as in this case is fair, and how do you react to it?
- Do you think all six officers will be let go? Will public opinion influence the decisions on other suspects, as pressure will likely increase to find the officer(s) guilty?

New York Daily News

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