Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Most Interesting Congressman Ever

Duncan Hunter is probably the most savage United States representative in ever.  A recent development, from today April 6, 2016 showed that Mr. Hunter spent over $1300 of his campaign funds on video games.  He reportedly bought more than 50 video games through Steam, a digital video game distributor.  Hunter's spokesperson is arguing that it was Rep. Hunter's son, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did himself.  This is the same guy that vaped during the middle of a congressional hearing, here. says that this, mini scandal, "all came to light when someone noticed Hunter had listed $1,302 worth of Steam Games on his 2015 year-end financial discloser, along with a note that these were 'personal expense – to be paid back.' Not such a big issue (mistakes happen, after all), except for the fact that, three months into 2016, the funds had not been repaid."

Hunter represents California's 52nd district which covers the greater San Diego area.  He went to San Diego State and studied business, and one day after the attacks on 9/11, he quit his job and joined the Marines.  Not only did he serve in the Marine Corps, but he commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and was honorably discharged after being promoted to Major.  

Duncan (right)

What do you think about politicians misusing funds, even in relatively trivial and small instances?
Duncan is very young, much younger than the rest of his colleagues, do you think his behavior might just be a result of his age?  Is this guy not the most interesting rep in the country, or he is just irresponsible?


Caroline Mameesh said...

Thank you for the change of tone in the posts!
I definitely think this representative is trying to make a statement, but I think it comes off irresponsibly. There isn't much to say except that his behavior isn't what it should be, and it isn't professional by any stretch of the imagination. I understand how tempting Steam sales are, really I do because it's almost impossible not to load up, but with campaign funds? Come on.
I'm surprised he's remained in office...has he brought home any bacon to his district worth keeping him in office? Or have reelections not come up in time yet?

Carolyn Ku said...

Honestly I don't have much respect for Hunter, not only because he misused his campaign funds, but also because he endorses Donald Trump (

In response to Caroline's question, Hunter has been a Republican Representative since 2009, so his reelection could be due to incumbency advantage or because the San Diego area tends to be more Conservative because of the military presence there.

Monica Mai said...

Duncan Hunter seems like a terrible politician and a very disrespectful person. Not only did he use campaign funds for video games, but he also used them for other personal expenditures which include his kids' tuition, personal travel, and plastic surgery. Then, he "[threw] his wife under the bus for campaign finance fraud" ( Regardless of whether he is conservative or not and whether or not the San Diego area support him, any politician who uses campaign funds for personal use is not a good politician at all. Politicians should not misuse funds of any sort, no matter how relatively small or trivial. There are real problems in this world that need a lot of fixing and for politicians to use that for their own needs is very selfish and undeserving of being a politician. Duncan is also 39, which really isn't even that young. Besides, age should not be an excuse for such behavior. Duncan Hunter seems to be a very irresponsible person.

Jared Mayerson said...

No matter what a politician's background and history is, it is unacceptable to misuse campaign funds as well as vape during a congressional hearing. As an elected official, it is his responsibility and duty to serve his people as best as he can. People trusted him with that money and trusted him to be an effective leader. He has failed in both cases. Even if he did plan to pay back his personal expenses, he should not have used money that was not his to use. It was not just one video game, he spent over $1300 on 50 games. He was clearly on a spending spree that did not need to happen. People make mistakes, but this was not a mistake and his age should not excuse him.