Monday, August 31, 2015

Trump talks of raising taxes, alarming G.O.P

       Donald Trump has recently talked about implementing tariffs on American companies and moving their factories to other countries. He also has talked about increasing the taxes on the compensation of hedge fund managers. Republicans have been known to consistently preach cutting taxes and bolstering business to help economic growth.

         Traditional republicans are in shock but the huge difference in Trumps view of taxes. They fear the Trumps opponents may start to adopt a more tax admitting stance to gain some support from some people on the fence on Trump. However, traditional republicans do not want to see a tax allowing nomination represent the Republican Party.

        Many republicans are fearful because while Trumps view on taxes may not align with republicans it does support the feeling of a great deal of voters. The club of growth is an anti-tax group that is investigating Trimps tax plan and is seeking to find flaws in it.

        I feel that Trumps view on taxes is a great risk for many Republicans. if Trump is seeking a tax increase, his opponents are going to be forced to allow for taxes at a greater frequency because they want to lessen the gap between themselves and the current leader of the polls. However, by doing so, the candidates are going against the orthodox republican view on taxes and this could become a big problem if some of their votes leave for a third party candidate in the election for presidency.


Anonymous said...

Trump's dissent from "traditional" Republican Party beliefs is indeed scary fore many Republicans. Putting together the words "raising" and "taxes" together are indeed scary to many business owners, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs. His policies might even be to solely benefit the extremely wealthy, like himself, who may not be as bothered by tax increase. This move, if implemented, may even reduce competitiveness in the economy. However, I'm sure that this strategy may be winning over some liberals, who would like to see tax increases in businesses and among the rich. In addition, with the Republicans' failure in the last two elections, they are looking for a change in what their party stands for, and Trump may actually be giving them that change. Although his reputation among many groups isn't great, he is still collecting more and more constituents every day.

Scott Chow said...

I believe Trump's recent rise to the top of the GOP is worth discussing on its own. Many fear or hope that he will win the Republican nomination, even the presidency. They fail to see, however, a few holes in his campaign when examined under closer scrutiny.

Here are the couple of ways that I think Trump will lose out on the presidency:

1. It turns out this was all a PR stunt and that he'll be heading right back to The Apprentice, probably with higher ratings (or at least more), but ultimately no real impact.

2. He can't win the Republican Nomination. Simply put, if he fails this, then it will cause one problem while exposing another. It demonstrates that he is incapable of facing down a real opponent when it matters, and creates the issue of running as a third party, which would steal votes from the Republicans, likely leading to a Democratic victory in 2016.


In conclusion, I believe that Trump will make an excellent example of Madison's theory in Federalist 10, in which he supports a large republic. One of the reasons is to pass candidates for elections through the medium of the public scrutiny, which has yet to honestly happen for Trump. The truth is, the closer it gets to Election Day, the more serious voters will become in scrutinizing the potential candidates and will likely drop their support for Trump.